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My Last Thesis Journal

Le Mage Journal

2005-04-13 - 11:09 p.m.

"Thanks for all the support, "Spooty Person", you're pretty much right in what you say. We are under a lot of stress, and I know we're both tired, so that leads to a lot of problems. When I start to think about the good times, and I realize that we've been together and made it through so much other crap, I know that this really can only be another bump in the road."

Been through so many good times? Ah yes, please rewrite history so I wasn't there.

Yes of course ya'll bitches can stick together because you abandon and disown people when they aren't of any use to you anymore. You make then cease to exist- a nice trick, except at some point you two twisted witches will disagree and write each other out of your lives and then who will you have?
Oh thats right, you alienated your throwaway friend who wasn't as cool, or thin or pretty as you. Well fuck off and die because no matter how much you pretend I never existed- I did.
I still do.

I am suceeding despite EVERY fucking person's attempt to erase me from existance.

YOu want the wedding, and the loving parents, and the good job, and the education and the gym membership and the sweetest cats and the pony your parents never bought you?

Fuck off and die. I have it all and you have nothing. I would have been more then happy to share, to help you, to give you of myself so you could have it all too.
But I don't exist anymore, right?
I was the
thorn in your side, the money on your back all those years- it was so HARD for you to be around me, and it PAINED you everytime we did anything. Ity was pity, you felt bad for me, you laughed behind my back the whole time.

Only I know that you are a liar. You are ashamed to have been friends with me, so you deny it.

Fine. I don't do that to my friends, I don't deny them, or pretend the past never happened.

Oh -wait. You're not my friend. You say you never were? Ok, fine. Fuck you too.

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